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My name is Celine. In ten years I will be a nomadic novelist UX-enthusiast greeting-card designer extraordinaire, or maybe just your ordinary hardcore typography geek. Right now I'm just another college kid.

Factoid: I like writing extraneous ümlauts on whiteboards. When yoü do this in a mythology classroom people get confüsed all over the place.

Factoid: I have very strong opinions about the design of online forms. Some kids check out people. I check out websites.

Factoid: I am not a fan of Keats.
I answer questions pertaining to ampersands. And other stuff too, I guess.


A 2009 study by the Department of Agriculture found that 2.3 million households do not have access to a car and live more than a mile from a supermarket. Much of the public health debate over rising obesity rates has turned to these “food deserts,” where convenience store fare is more accessible—and more expensive—than healthier options farther away. This map colors each county in America by the percentage of households in food deserts, according to the USDA’s definition. Data is not available for Alaska and Hawaii. (via Slate Labs - Food Deserts: An interactive map)

So the next time someone tells me an “unhealthy diet” is always a “choice” and that everyone should just buy a cornucopia of fresh produce, I’ll just whip this out.

Ladies and gentlemen: it is easy, really easy, when you are young and thin and mobile and inured to affluence, to think that it’s easy to eat well. (It’s especially easy in California, where farmer’s markets dot every town.) I beg you to realize that not everyone has the luxury of choice in food.

Ellyn Satter, something of a rockstar dietitian, made a really excellent riff on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs a while back that illustrates how people satisfy their food needs. “Instrumental food” here refers to food designed to accomplish a specific purpose: bulk up, slim down, have a balanced diet, hit a target number of calories.

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    A 2009 study by the Department of Agriculture found that 2.3 million households do not have access to a car and live...
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    I can’t tell you how much a garden isn’t going to help you in the middle of a Chicago winter on the South Side. Not to...
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    I’ll agree that you can grow vegetables, etc. yourself in your back yard. But, I’ll have to say that if you don’t own a...
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    Because gardens don’t take skill, money, time OR space! THEY’RE LIKE MAGIC.
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    it is possible for people to have a garden no matter how small…you can grow vegetables in plant pots, it is quite easy....
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    This is what upsets me so much about obesity in this country and people who have a “just exercise and stop eating so...
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